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Become an Ambassador

Become an ambassador

Keep traveling with your campervan, but now with more benefits.

Have you made your campervan trips your way of life? Join the Secretstop revolution!

This is Secretstop!

We are an online platform that allows campervan travelers to discover and book an outdoor space at one of our hosts’ properties to sleep inside their campervan for one or more nights.

We connect travelers who want to discover “Secretstops” with Host who offer night time “stops” and local experiences throughout Europe.

As an expert campervan traveler, your experience in the field and your skills on social media will allow you to join our community, achieving important benefits.


More than 300 stops in Spain to discover.

Take your social media content to the next level!

We want to unlock your trust!

We are much more than a platform!

SECRETSTOP is a safe space formed by a community united by the same feeling, the passion to share and discover new destinations and people. Did you find it cheesy? 🤪 Well, it’s the truth. Travelers looking for STOPS to enjoy are just like you, and they trust you to achieve it.

What do we offer?
  • By becoming an ambassador for Secretstop you will be a part of a unique community with significant benefits for you and your community.
  • Events, draws and many more surprises are waiting for you. Join the Secretstop revolution!
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