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Become a Host

Become a host

A simple and safe way to earn extra money.

Do you have a rural house, a vineyard, a farm or a large plot of land where you can receive one, two or more campervans?

Unlock your STOP by renting your outdoor space and allow travelers to discover the wonders of local life. ❤️

Let’s start! 😋

This is Secretstop!

We are an online platform that allows campervan travelers to discover and book an outdoor space at one of our hosts’ properties to sleep inside their campervan for one or more nights.

We connect travelers who want to discover “Secretstops” with Host who offer night time “stops” and local experiences throughout Europe.

Receive your first guests today. We already have more than 300 hosts in Spain, what are you waiting for to be one of them? It’s so simple!


We are on our way!

We will be ready very soon with more than 300 stops throughout Spain 🤓

Discover the benefits of being a host!

Optimize your land, your time and your income.

Are you already welcoming guests to your home? Perfect! Increase your income!

Still don’t? What are you waiting for? Secretstop is compatible with any other hosting service, since travelers will spend the night inside their campervan in the outdoor space that you will enable for them.

More services, more popularity.

Do you have a barbecue? Pool? Access to outdoor water intake? No extra service is mandatory, but it will help your STOP to be one of the most demanded.

Sign up for free and set your own conditions!

  • Set your price.
  • Set your availability.
  • Define your outdoor space for campervans.
  • Choose how many campervans can stay at your STOP at a time.

We want you to have the best experience with Secretstop, so travelers staying with you will pass a security check using their ID.

Support local and responsible tourism

Discover STOPS and unique experiences for travelers is priceless. Being part of Secretstop means dealing with a community of respectful travelers, lovers of nature and local life.

You need less than you think

n Secretstop we accept all kinds of spaces or... almost all 😅

We only have one requirement… That you have a private area to park a campervan for your guests to spend one night, two or as they arise.

We have said that you are in charge!

You can also join with other locals and offer different experiences such as: wine tastings, baskets of local food products, visit to a winery, ceramic workshop, etc.

Make your offer a 360º experience, we don’t put limits on you!

You can choose to offer more services to travelers staying at your STOP, such as: toilet, shower, pool, barbecue, etc. For sure, your travelers will love that extra comfort… Become the perfect host!

We want to unlock your trust!

We are much more than a platform!

SECRETSTOP is a safe space formed by a community united by the same feeling, the passion to share and discover new destinations and people. Did you find it cheesy? 🤪 Well, it’s the truth. Travelers looking for STOPS to enjoy are just like you, and they trust you to achieve it.

What do we offer?
  • A secure platform where you can share your STOP and local experiences.
  • A proactive, decisive and very nice customer service, why not say it.
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