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We’re Secretstop!

We connect 4 wheelers travellers looking for amazing stops & experiences with locals who offer night-time STOPS.

Secretstop is an online platform created by a team of dreamers and enthusiastic travelers. Our platform offers secret outdoor stops in gardens, backyards, parking lots or in crazy stops like vineyards to stay with a campervan across Europe. Wait a minute! ✋🏼

Secretstop is obviously way more than a platform for stops, we also offer local experiences where you will find authentic exchange, discover local activities and build your best memories.

We’re a small, yet growing team working together to create a strong campervan community. We connect travellers eager to discover breath-taking and intimate “Secret” places while enjoying the comfort of their campervan with people who offer overnight “STOP” and local experiences throughout Europe. Sounds exciting? 🤗 We have been working on this project since day one, with devotion, aspiration and a lot of brilliant and enthusiastic people. We will always be ourselves and try to show you our mad journey. We are an independent and ambitious company, with strong values that permeate everything we do.

Our story in brief

Welcome to Secretstop short storytelling; we promise not to keep you for too long! 🤭

To look at the beginning of Secretstop, we must travel back to 2020 in Switzerland, with two friends who loved going over the limits and travellers looking for something new, unexpected, more authentic than ever. Wait a minute! 2020 was also the time when a pandemic (that damn Covid-19) quickly and unexpectedly changed the world and the way we travel. 😅

Here are our two adventurers Renaud de Goumeons and Jordi Millastre Costa, the “two friends” of our story who came up with the crazy idea to create Secretstop.

Ready? It’s time to unlock more details… 🔓

Originals, that’s for sure! To be honest, Jordi and Renaud are not exactly what you would call “conventional” people. Enthusiastic, digital nomads, travellers and daring by nature, they are the “friends” who never stop and always say «Why not? “Let’s go!” “What are you afraid of?”. That’s what motivated them, because whatever your trip, the best memories come from discovering hidden paradises, people who moved you and unlikely stories that become anecdotes you can’t wait to tell. 😋

Enough about the “soul” of Secretstop, you probably know too much now. 🤭 You won’t be surprised if we tell you that they had the idea of Secretstop after their numerous road trips in campervans. It was while travelling and living in unusual stops such as a cheese maker’s where they discovered passions and friendliness, that the Secretstop idea was born. It was a no-brainer! They were the right people to launch a platform that offers a new and more authentic way to travel.

The secret team! 🤐


The guy who makes sure the campervan gets there.


The guy who makes sure the air conditioning works.


The guy who makes sure the driver is happy.


The guy who convinces us that this is the best road.

That’s what we stand for!


We are authentic people and we want to be truthful and transparent with our community. To unlock your trust, whether you are a host, guest or partner, we aim to maintain the highest quality standards in the monitoring and control of published stops and experiences.


As travellers, we have always been responsible for the world around us. We make conscious decisions, have integrity and take responsibility for our customers and society. Even if we are a bit of a mad team 😁, we believe that a responsible start-up should avoid damaging the environment, support diversity, acknowledge its own mistakes and act ethically at all times.


That’s who we are! 😍 We like to do things our own way, to get off the beaten track and not to follow pre-established routes. Non-conformist by nature, authenticity always prevails. This is reflected in the variety of stops and experiences offered, as well in the way we connect and share with our community.


Being a Secreter means that you are part of a close and supportive community! 🙌🏼 We work every day to offer stops and experiences that give a sense of trust, closeness to the environment and to local hosts. We offer the privilege of getting closer to lifestyles, traditions, cultures… in a way that has been missing in the world of campervan travel until now.


We want you to have the best time with Secretstop and fall in love with the campervan life. Providing you the best possible experience at every stage of your journey with us, from this platform to the booking process, to the trip and back home. We want the whole journey to be almost perfect (we hope it can be😅).


A bit of madness to unlock? That’s what’s happening here. 🤭 We are looking for experiences you never forget, unusual, unique and crazy. Imagine yourself sleeping in the middle of a football stadium, at the bottom of the Eiffel tower, in the middle of a lake or, why not, on the moon (we’re counting on Elon for that). In order to offer you these crazy stopovers, we invite you to share with us the “crazy” secretstops you know.


Yes! I want to share them ❤️

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