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      Our Unlocked STOPS

      Check out our selection of hand-picked scenic stops and local experiences!

      O Couto Pequeno

      A luxury spot in O Pino

      Campervan SizeSML10 €/night

      Historical rural house in La Mancha

      Campervan SizeSML24 €/night
      O Igrexario

      Camping Car Arneles beach

      Campervan SizeSML18 €/night

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      Discovery Pass

      You will have 100€ + 10€ extra to spend on any of our STOPS for two years

      100 €
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      Experience Pass

      You will have 200€ + 25€ extra to spend on any of our STOPS for two years

      200 €
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      Madness Pass

      You will have 300€ + 55€ extra to spend on any of our STOPS for two years

      300 €

      With Secretstop you can create your route at once, it's great!

      First, find a place to go with your campervan. Secretstop will offer you all the possible options for your first STOP.
      Pick your STOP Choose the arrival and departure date for your stay and click on book.
      Do you want to organize a route with different STOPS? Perfect! Select the dates and destination for each STOP and click "Add to Route". On the right of your screen you will see all the chosen STOPS.
      Review the selected destinations and click "Pay". Easy and fast! You only have to make a single payment and all your destinations will be booked for you automatically.

      Would you like to go on a route through a specific region?

      Become a Host

      It's easy and worth it! 😋 Join our Secretstop community to generate additional income, meet travellers from all over the world, share your region, and your passion.

      It could be you! Do you have a plot of land that you don't want to keep secret any longer? Click below, we'll help you become a secrethost. 😎

      1Post your offer & stopsRegister for free! You’re the one in charge, set your price for travellers.
      2Choose who you host and whenUse your personal calendar to choose your guests and the period you’re available.
      3Welcome your guestsThat’s the best moment! 😍 Welcome your guests and let them discover your beautiful stop.

      Become a Traveller

      It's an adventure you'll always remember, where you can enjoy the peace, safety, and friendliness of our secretstops. 🤗

      Everyone should try an unusual campervan experience. So if you're curious or tempted, subscribe, and we'll let you know when our secretstops are ready to be unlocked! 🔓❤️

      1Discover our SecretstopsSelect your dream stops for your next campervan trip. 🚐✨
      2Book & Enjoy!Fast and easy! Book on our platform and receive a booking confirmation with all the necessary details. Then it's time to discover your stops and local experiences. Above all, have a great time! ❤️
      324/7 customer serviceWe have the coolest customer service team ready to answer all your questions via our integrated messaging system. 🤗
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      Become an Ambassador!

      Join our community of travellers! Join the Secretstop revolution!

      Continue doing what you already do on your motorhome trips, but now with even more benefits 🤭 Sounds good, doesn't it? 😍

      If you already travel on four wheels and want to help us, here we go! Join us as an ambassador to build the Secretstop community together 🚐🤙🏽

      1Discover magical placesDiscover extraordinary places where you can safely spend the night in your camper or caravan... A country house with a swimming pool, a vineyard with wide open spaces, a medieval castle? These places and many more surprises await you as a Secretstop Ambassador. Are you in?
      2Save money travellingWe want to make your trips even more enjoyable. That's why all your nights as an ambassador on our stops are on us! 😉 Plus, participate in exclusive competitions, parties with the Secretstop community... and many more surprises that we can't reveal yet 🙂
      3Keep doing what you love!Keep creating the content that you want and that motivates you the most, but in even more top places. Your community is eager to know more about you and your travels - fulfil their wishes and become a Secretstop Ambassador!
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      Rent a campervan with our partners!

      It´s time to start your next Vanlife adventure! 🤙🏼
      Here´s a list of all our rental partners, official agencies that handle the entire process.

      Take your trip to another level, with a professional agency to get access to extra benefits and more security. What you invest in your trip is worth choosing a safe way to rent a campervan! Yees, this is for you 😜

      1 Airport transfers, one way, parking. They can pick you up or drive you back, and also let you drop off your car at any of their agencies! 🤩
      2 Insurance and roadside assistance In case of a breakdown, your vehicle will be changed quickly.
      3 Unlimited number of kilometers You can drive as much as you want, without having to count.

      Okay, let’s ride!🚍

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